PPK in a company employing up to 19 employees

The date of the last stage of the PPK is approaching, under which the smallest companies are to join this nationwide savings program for employed Poles. The restrictions and limitations accompanying the ongoing pandemic - caused that the original deadline for...

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We explain the basic issues in the field of BDO for 2021

From January 2018, entities operating in the field of waste management are subject to entry in the BDO registry. Despite the fact that the database on products and packaging as well as on waste management has been operating for over 3 years, companies still have many...

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Lower PIT: PIT tax reduction from 18 to 17 percent

From October 1, 2019, the lower - 17 percent PIT rate will apply. Revenue costs for employees will more than double.PIT rate 2019 reduction  - who will benefit The new, lower Personal Income Tax rate will apply to all taxpayers who earn taxable income on general...

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White list of tax payers

As of 1 September 2019 a white list of VAT tax payers started to operate, that is a listing of the information about the VAT tax payers.It contains the following information about the entrepreneurs? • company name or first name and surname of the entrepreneur;•...

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Changes in taxes in 2020

Obligatory cash registers online, tax micro-account and liquidation of VAT declarations and Uniform Control Files constitute only some of the tax changes that await the entrepreneurs in 2020. We invite you to get acquainted with the details of the forthcoming...

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Forthcoming changes in the taxes – September, November 2019

In the second half of the year 2019 further significant amendments will be implemented in the taxes – a white list of VAT payers and obligatory applying of the split payment mechanism for some sectors.A white list of VAT payers As of the 1 September the white list of...

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Zero PIT for the youth until 26 years of age

As of the 1 August 2019 a new exemption was added to the provisions of the Act on personal income tax, for the income earned by the tax payers until turning 26 years old. The employers for the first time will take the new relief into account already on the payment of...

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